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(Picture made by Shai, Written by Lucille)

Coen Kreitz - The Copper Wolf

Mysterious stranger silently lurking in the corner, his finger on the trigger of the unconventional slugthrower. Sounds familiar? Sporting a calm and cold demeanour, Coen Kreitz lives up to his reputation of a ruthless hunter. Born aboard a ship in the black depths of Wild Space, Coen grew up among his parents and siblings in a loving and caring environment, where the health of the family mattered above all else. Taught the smugglers’ trade from a young age, one could say he was born to hold a blaster.

 Coen was not always a part of the merry crew. Kreitz started out in the family business, heading in the footsteps of his parents. He would help them in their trade, but it seemed inevitable that he grew tired of a smuggler’s life. He left his family behind to pursue the career of a pirate. Some say, that during this time he’s had connections with the Black Sun and he is rumoured to have their crest tattooed on his chest. However, after an incident or two he parted ways with the organisation, deciding to walk the path of a bounty hunter. Coen came out to be decent in this new trade, however he realised he was nowhere near the big fish. Lacking in both gear and skills, he stuck to smaller bounties which proved to be a profitable decision. For years now he had been paving his way up in the business and it was only natural to embrace the change when he happened to encounter the merry crew of The Pirate Consortium.  Kreitz tagged along, given that the job he took on was not the easiest. The man gave up, ran off with the money and decided to fill the ranks of the Consortium.

Coen Kreitz serves as an Enforcer, a position he acquired not long ago. He has proven to be trustworthy and quickly made his way up in ranks within the crew.

Aged thirty-five, Coen is one of the older members of the crew. The icy stare of his blue eyes reinforces his demeanour of a professional, cold-blooded killer.  Kreitz is most recognised for his rigid approach to duty and the undying loyalty to his  employers. Most find him mysterious, flinching at the mere mention of the masked hunter. And those whom he pursuits  pray for a swift death. Because there are no last chances when Coen goes to aim his slugthrower. Skilled, seasoned and steadfast – Coen Kreitz does not disappoint.

When “Sam”, Coen’s slugthrower, is clean and his armour polished, the hunter can usually be spotted wandering  around the Widowmaker, frequently making a stop at the lounge where he buries himself in the corner with a bottle of his preferred drink. It is up to debate whether he prefers shooting to drinking, or, the other way around. One matter that is certain, however, is that straight whiskey is his favourite kind. The golden liquid is said to help his deep thoughts flow and he even goes as far as to concern himself with philosophical matters.

The air was damp, and the fog, accompanied by few short periods of light rain didnt bother the traders and spacers that called Kemal Station their place of choice to conduct their business, legal or illegal. Strategically set along the Triellus Trade Route, also known as Hutt Highway, this foggy, damp moon served as an excellent place for a shadowport, between three large entities with history of trade - Hutt Space, Arkanis Regency and Bothan Space.

Today however, much to the displeasure of a rather recent newcomer, it was pouring. The man, an elderly human in his late fourties, didnt differ much from the poor, beggars and outcasted of the only settlement on the Kemal Station. He just landed half an hour ago, and was already in a rather foul mood. A foul mood nobody noticed, Nobody notices the poor and the outcasted. The starship he arrived with however, did stirr quite some rumors. But this elderly man didnt care. He was determined to reach the cantina.

Joy. Laughter. Good fortune, the sound of rain pouring on the rooftop. Smoke-filled interior. Aliens of different speces, and ofcourse, a cantina band. For such a depressing envrinoment, the cantna was rather lively. The lively commotion however, did pause for a moment when the door opens. An old man at the door, maybe a beggar? Maybe an outcast? Who cares, the trade outpost is flooding with them.

''Any news?'' The old man asked the bartender, right as he had shown a credit chit. 
''Depends on what are you interested.'' The twi'lek man lazily replied.
''The Regency Worlds.''
''Its bad. The turmoil is damaging the trade. Merchants are already trying to find new markets.''
''Its not the markets im interested in. Hows the conflict going?''
''Uncertain. Dissidents on the loose, but one of their ring leaders had dissapeared. But whats it to you? An old beggar?''
The old man, didnt bother replying, instead he took his glass of wine with him, and dissapeared into the joyfull crowd. 


''I know you can resourceful.'' A demanding, authoritive and lightly monstrous voice spoke.
The alien gave the human a long stare, holding his lupine eyes fixated on him, while his fur was, either intentionally or unintentionally, changing colors, A rather interesting sight.

''The best i can do is try, but this place had always been a safe haven. People wont be happy when they find out what you are trying to convince me to do..''
''Safe haven or not - '' The lupine alien spoke again. '' - This is off the essence, and its far bigger than your little make-pretend port. My partner ended up lost into the void because of them.'' The lupine finally took his eyes off the human, staring trough the windows and observing the rainfall.

The man sighed and fired up his computer again, which made several sounds and then released a blue, holographic projection in the air. Holographic projection of several faces. Faces of men and women that call Widowmaker their home.''


A Nikto with a cloak over his head was standing above the docks as the rain was pouring down. ''Echuta.'' He was cursing under his breath as he looked at the sky. After few seconds, his eyes darted to a group consisting of two Niktos', a Weequay and a Rodian, and soon started shouting at them. ''Chuba doompa, dopa-maskey kung! No chuba da wanga, da wanga!'' The Weequay shaked his head, and the group were pushing back the crate into the old freighter, and started unloading other crates. 

After the hard, honest work of unloading cargo was over, a person, of an unknown species with a mask approached, and opened up the hatch that happened to be sideways on a single crate. Even though he anticipated it, he still staggered back in surprise. There were several more crates next to it, identical, and no doubt carrying the same cargo. 

As the masked alien was confirming the quantity of the cargo, making sure his notes check out with the delivery, the Nikto that shouted previously casually casted his eyes to another landing pad, across the street. Unlike the other ships in the shadowport, this one had no cargo or people around it. Not only that, but people seem to avoid it alltogether. The Nikto rubbed his leathery face, wondering what the kriff is a ship like that doing on Kemal Station?

Kodatto Valkinn - The Dashing Hero

Pilot, Smuggler, Chronic Drinker – Kodatto Valkinn embodies the very essence of a true Corellian pirate. Abandoned by his parents in the slums of Coronet City, Kodatto grew up self-taught among his siblings. With a knack for technology and a drive towards starships, the Dashing Hero left behind his home planet to pursue a spacer’s life.
Kodatto’s nomad lifestyle came to an end upon having been offered a solid and stable job within one of Republic’s many organisations. This career, however, is said to have come to an end after an ‘incident’, which resulted in The Dashing Hero’s return to his nomad ways. For many a month he would wander the Galaxy, before supposedly taking a step into the Coruscant Underworld. In secret, he had joined up with a crime syndicate – an organisation within the ranks of which he stayed until its disbanding. Having gained valuable experience, Kodatto attempted to form his own group, which, alas, ceased to exist after facing many a setback. Upon seeing the failure of his initiative, the witty smuggler had to resort to working under a Harsh Tattooinian employer, as he was grounded on that very sandball. Luckily, during a supply run in Corellian Space the Hero encountered The Pirate Consortium. Having helped the pirates in their endeavours, he decided to tag along and was welcomed as a new addition to the crew.
Aboard the Widowmaker, Kodatto serves the role of a co-pilot, however he is also the Captain of his very own freighter – The Sun Runner.

Despite being nothing short of a ‘One-Eyed Wonder’, Kodatto is more than decent with a blaster and carries with him a lot of experience for a twenty-five-year-old spacer. The Dashing Hero is known for his almost painfully optimistic attitude and a seemingly light-hearted approach to life. Most would probably claim he could charm the horns off a Krayt Dragon. That being said, Kodatto is known to prefer speech over a blaster, however, he does not hesitate when pushed to resort to ‘aggressive negotiations’. What he lacks in discipline, he makes up for in efficiency, -almost- never disappointing his employers.

When not called upon by a damsel in distress or chores aboard the Widowmaker, the Hero usually spends time tinkering with his trusty starship ‘The Sun Runner’. At times, when tired of smoking circuits, Kodatto frequents the Widowmaker’s cantina and kitchen. There, over a bottle of Firewater which is a signature drink of his, he is an infinite source of chatter and puns, which, by some, may be considered rather puny.

(Written by Yuhan)

In the current era of the galactic history, many worlds, stars and clusters in the galaxy are still unexplored, sitting in their silent corners that the galaxy knows as Wild Space. An ancient order is responsible for charting and verifying new these newly discovered hyperspace routes, called Hyperspace Navigators' Guild, also reffered to as Brotherhood of Navigators, who utilize daring spacers with thirst for adventure whos lifestyle and passion is to scout and explore the unknown worlds and undiscovered sectors. Once a scout charts a new hyperspace route, by a series of mini-hyperspace jumps and sensor readings between each short jump, the data about the route is transfered to the Navigators' Guild. Once the existence of a new route has been reported, the process of verifying the safety of the route began, and the guild invested large amounts of resources and time to make sure that the route was safe and would remain in existence for the long-term. Once a lane has been verified, the Hyperspace Navigators Guild passed the data on the route on to the Republic Space Ministry, from which point the coordinates were distributed throughout the galaxy, and the scout would get paid.

The Pirate Consortium recieved a call from Zante'van, an old friend of Shanks with whom the crews' captain has served ever since they were mere deckhands on a small freighter. From the call recieved, Zante seemed to have been in distress, stranded on Centerpoint Station, a massive artificial construct in Corellian System that has been built by an ancient space-faring civilization. More specifically, Zante seemed to have been stranded in Null Town. The roughest, crime ridden part of Centerpoint Station, where the social outcasts and reject live far away from the civilized districts, forgotten to the point that the authorities do not even bother maintaining artificial gravity generators, as the district is located far on the ''North Pole'' of the cyllindiric-shaped station, far from the axis. Hence the name Null Town.

The pirates would have however, while on a mission to rescue a friend, discover that Zante'van stole a datastick containing information regarding a route into an unexplored star cluster, right under the Guilds' nose. But the twi'lek and the pirates are not the only ones who see opportunity and profit on these uncharted worlds...

The Drall proved to be elusive, but not out of the pirates' reach.

After freeing the rest of the crew from the clutches of Mavrik Coln, the pirates began a long journey across Coronet City underworld to track down the Drall. The first clue: the discovery of a secret door masked as a bathroom stall behind the Port Legacy Cantina - a bar and a lounge that caters to spacers that go through Port Legacy spaceport. The hidden room itself was an abandoned hideout used by Corellian Resistance during the Imperial Occupation, and now became a hiding spot for the Gracha and his gang.

Geb, a seasoned gangster who was doing his own investigation in search of the classified information, learned about the abandoned hideout from the interrogation of Gracha's brother with the help of a CorSec officer on the trail. Rhel, on the other hand, followed Baldie - a bald human who tried to sabotage Colns' garage - into the bathroom, learning of the hideout’s existence.

The chase for the Drall led to gunfire in the hideout. Baldie died by the hands (or rather, blasters) of the pirates, leading to a chase to the Princess' Donuts restaurant. While on-location, the pirates ended up hooked and addicted to a special kind of donut laced with spice. After fighting through addiction and subsequently finding an antidote. They killed the Princess. And with this final act, the pirates set off to Tyrena via a train; they were following the clue they got from her.

On the train that goes between Coronet and Tyrena, the pirates were approached by a mysterious, black suited human who informed them that their old enemies - Coln and his gang - are aboard the train as well, obviously looking to kill the pirates. However, they were unware that the pirates are aboard as well. The man revealed to be working for the Broker - an information dealer who holds power over the intel trade of the Sector. He had a personal interest in the pirates recovering the schematics that the Drall stole.

Later, the pirates finally caught the Drall in The Skids: a rough part of Tyrena. They valiantly fought their way between a gang war that was raging between Drall with his Selonian companions and Coln with his gangstes. Before long, the pirates discovered that the schematics to the custom pleasure yacht prototype was commissioned by the Broker himself. Of course they returned the schematics to the rightful owner – and at 20% off the black market price to boot. But after all, a lucrative partnership was more important than a paltry 10.000 credits.

The pirates managed to befriend - or rather, indebt a CorSec officer into a favor after some members donated him credits that he badly needed for a surgery of his son; even at the cost of stepping over his honor and getting into shady deals and corruption.